[Meanwhile, Back in The Void]

“What the hell just happened?” Klaus asked from where he still sat on the linoleum floor.

“I don’t know, really. I think someone somewhere might have blinked.” Eremis rubbed her face with her hands; “Talk about a bloody migraine though…”

“Oh good. It’s not just me. I was thinking I’d eaten too much speed again.” He grunted as he creaked an arm up, grabbed on to a bar stool, and managed to pull himself to his feet.

“You DID eat too much speed. That’s how you keep bouncing from Earth, to here, to Cirxci and back.” Eremis, her head propped between her hands, rolled her eyes so hard they both heard it.

“Any chance Five left us some coffee?” Klaus scratched his neck, stretched out, and yawned.

“I am not bloody fucking enabling you, Ghost-Boy,” Her eyes fixed on the ceiling, Eremis stifled a laugh; “Look. Over there.” She pointed towards the stage.

“That… Is not coffee, Love.” Klaus raised an eyebrow, then decided he would rather gawk at Eremis instead.

“No, but it’s not centipedes either.” She shrugged, honestly more overwhelmed than annoyed; “So there’s that.” Speechless, Klaus kept staring at her; “What? No sloppy, wet kisses this time?” She lowered her gaze, and simply stared right back at him until it became positively ridiculous. They smiled at each other.

“Did you find more coffee yet, Five?” She finally called out.

“Working on it!” From somewhere behind the bar came his muffled reply.

“Yeah… Give it another minute.”

(Good Morning)